Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another Casual Friday

So another Casual Friday is upon us, and somehow my high expectations for this weekend has been quickly smashed by the cold front Tom Skilling predicted to hit Chicago this weekend.
Somebody please tell me how this Monday the temps reached 83, yet it is supposed to snow by early Saturday evening. Oh well, that's don't like the weather? Wait a minute.

Another annoying occurrence in the Windy City this week...People causing traffic jams because they believe the vision of Mary has appeared on the wall of an underpaid off the Kennedy Expressway. It's salt people...SALT! The runoff from this winters salt has drained off the expressway and onto the walls of the underpaid, which now has become a sactuary for numerous people. I'm thinking about taking my saws-all to it and selling the concrete on e-bay.

By the way, what's up with the people who buy these odd things on e-bay? I totally support the people who make magical grilled cheese sandwiches, and I even support their efforts of posting them for sale on e-bay, but who in the hell are these people that buy them?
Is it worth it? When that online casino paid how ever many thousands of dollars for the remnants of the Holy Mary grilled cheese... (thoughts of where Mary will pop up next) ... was it worth it? Did masses of people log on to gamble away their money online because the name of some internet casino company was mentioned with the crazy story, and at their website none the less? I doubt it...I would love to be proved wrong.
(A note for the idiots out there who don't get marketing and advertising...the owners of the online casino didn't care about the sandwich)

My boss, Russtle, who should go by Russ, but refuses to be acknowledged unless called Ross,(Hence the character Ross the Boss) always claims he has items that will go for "big bucks" online. What he does is, he watches the Antique Road Show, and anything that looks like, or he thinks looks like, what he sees on there, he claims to be the same thing. So because he has a rug in his house that is old and nice looking, it would go for $15000 just like the old man on last week's episode...oh well. idiot.