Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Highlights of My Day: January 7, 2009

1. Got back on the wagon...literally, I started riding to work via horse and wagon, and I fell off the other day.
2. Submitted a request to my condo association asking for the installation of a heli-pad.
3. Dreamt that Yes Man part 2 would come out in late 2009 and go straight to DVD...I'm now convinced that I can dream the future.
4. Told the guy at Best Buy that I needed a flash drive for my back up drive to my external hard drive...he got a boner and then his head exploded.
5. Stole all of the business cards from a "win a free lunch, drop off your card to win" bowl, and called everyone to let them know they were disqualified due to asking for a cup of water, but filling said cup with soda.
6. Three people apologized, the others claimed the fruit punch knob was stuck.
8. Set a personal goal to use the saying/body language combo of "Uhg"/sloutching of shoulders at least 3 times a day, for 5 weeks.