Thursday, November 30, 2006

Highlight of My Day (And Quite Possibly, the Highlight of the Final Fiscal Quarter in '06)

In honor of the person that will be responsible for the smile on my face this weekend, I would like to give you all a look into the world that is, Jim Gaffigan.

Friday, December 1st at The Murat, Downtown Indianapolis.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Highlights of My Day: November 3, 2006

1. Considered the affects taking up speed walking would have on my sex life.
2. Took a crap that looked exactly like a cartoon cactus
3. Passed a marquee that should have read "Our Award Winning Staff will Blow You Out of the Water!"....but somebody took the liberty of removing "Out of the Water"
4. For the 5th day straight, I've gone next door to a pet shop on my lunch hour and asked the owner if goldfish were made from real gold.
5. Created a new breakfast cereal that consists of Jolly Ranchers and Vodka, sprinkled with Meth.
6. Had a dream that Raggedy Ann and Andy were in a heated political race...
7. Reggedy Ann used negative TV campaigns discussing Andy's former addictions to teen chat rooms, however Andy just stuck to the real issues.

8, 9 & 10.
Do yourself a favor, go see this movie tonight.